Dramatically Improve Fishing Quality in your Pond

Proper fertilization is a critical component to successful pond management.

To dramatically improve fishing quality in your pond, fertilizing is one of the best investments you can make. Coupled with liming, fertilization can increase fish production in your pond by 3 to 4 times.

Effective fertilization is a true key to fish production.

Coupled with liming, fertilization can increase fish production in your pond by 3 to 4 times. The components in pond fertilizer stimulate the food chain from the bottom up by nourishing microscopic algae called phytoplankton. In ponds, phytoplankton represents the very base of the food chain. In terms of fish production, a healthy plankton "bloom" translates into more, bigger, healthier fish. For clients in close proximity to one of our offices, we offer a comprehensive fertilization service, whereby we make regularly scheduled visits to the property and apply fertilizer according to the Standard Pond Fertization Schedule.

For other clients, we supply bulk fertilizer; we are licensed distributors of SportMax Water Soluble Pond Fertilizer. Our extensive "buying power" allows us to supply our clients at a most favorable price. Typically, we deliver a season quantity of fertilizer just prior to the fertilizer season (March-October). Discounts are available on volume purchases.

  Proper fertilization dramatically increases the growth of tiny aquatic plants and animals in the water

These tiny plants and animals (phytoplankton and zooplankton) are the base of the food chain.

  Increase available forage

Fertilization increases the production of “natural” forage by as much as 400%

  Fertilization can increase growth rates as well

More "natural" forage production results in faster growth rates and increased reproduction.

  The "Shading Effect"

Proper fertilization, and the Shading Effect it imparts, is a critical component to an effective aquatic weed control plan.

Speak to a Biologist
"In order to make improvements in your lake, we have to have a baseline.
The most important factor is listening to the customer and understanding the goals for the lake.
— Charles Driggers, Southeastern Pond Management Auburn Office

Why use Southeastern Pond Management
for pond fertilization?

  SportMAX Water Soluble Pond Fertilizer

SportMAX is our exclusive brand and it is, simply put, the most effective and efficient pond fertilizer on the market today.

 SE Pond Management's Pond Fertilization Service

Our unique approach to servicing your pond’s fertilization needs includes up to 12 visits per fertilizing season (March-October), visibility measurements, proper application and routine water alkalinity checks.

  Let us help you keep an eye on your pond!

We also keep a close eye on the growth of nuisance aquatic vegetation as well as other potential areas of concern (soil erosion, spillway issues or concerns, potential problems with fish feeders, signs of trespassing and/or poaching…and more!)

  Bulk SportMAX delivery…for the do-it-yourself approach

Order a season’s worth of SportMAX Water Soluble Pond Fertilizer and we will deliver it, free of a delivery fee, to your specified location. We will also supply you a sechi disc, designed to assist in assessing water visibility. Our assistance in fertilizing your pond is only a phone call away!!