Artificial Fish Habitat

Transform your lake or pond into an angling paradise!

Growing the fish is half the battle…catching them is ALL the fun!!

Adding structure and fish habitat can make all the difference in the world, concentrating fish and making them easier to catch.

Structure and cover

Without question, bass and forage fish gravitate to cover or structure under the water, concentrating the fish and making them easier to target for catch and/or harvest.

Give me a place to hide!

Prey species, especially bluegill and shellcracker, look for safe havens from predators in the form of “cover”. This may come in many forms (tree tops, brush piles, rock piles, aquatic vegetation, sand and pea gravel beds, etc…)


Ambush predators

Effective “ambush predators” largemouth bass also occupy heavy cover areas where they lie in wait, looking for opportunities to capitalize on unsuspecting prey.

Give me some shade!

Cover and fish structure often provides a welcome relief (shade) from the intense summer heat. Shade, under the water, may represent a drop in water temperature of 10 degrees or more…a serious attraction to fish of all sizes and species


How can Southeastern Pond Management help improve the “angler experience” in your pond or lake?

  SE Pond is a distributor (dealer) for Honey Hole trees and shrubs

The most effective and durable artificial fish habitat on the market today. Honey Hole trees and shrubs make ideal habitat for fish. Our artificial trees and shrubs are time-tested and proven to attract and hold fish, throughout the year, especially during the warm-weather months.

  Turn-key operation

Not only do we stock product, installation is the norm rather than the exception when you purchase Honey Hole trees and shrubs from SE Pond. Let us deliver and install a small underwater forest paradise in your lake or pond. You’ll be catching fish in these spots much sooner than you might think. Contact us today to discuss Honey Hole structure and fish habitat.

  SE Pond Purchasing Power!

We are proud to be the largest certified Honey Hole products dealer in the southeast. Each of our locations stock a heavy inventory of Honey Hole trees and shrubs. Our high-volume purchasing assures that we are able to offer these products at the very best pricing available, even as compared to large retail distributors such as Bass Pro.

  Long lasting, affordable and effective!

Honey Hole trees and shrubs will last for many years, are extremely economical and, most importantly, they work!!