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Expert Services and Advice for Stocking your Pond or Lake

We offer expert services for Initial and Supplemental Fish Stocking

We supply the highest quality, genetically improved fingerling bluegill, shellcracker, and largemouth bass, for stocking new ponds. Generally, ponds which are roughly 25 percent full are suitable for stocking.

Initial Pond Stocking

When you're fishing, patience pays off. The same is true in pond stocking. We supply the highest quality, genetically improved fingerling bluegill (northern and coppernose), shellcracker, and largemouth bass (Northern, Florida, and F1), for stocking new ponds.

Where "trophy" bass production is the goal, we offer a number of other species including threadfin shad, gizzard shad, tilapia, crawfish, and golden shiners.

Forage species (bluegill, shellcracker, and fat head minnows) are always introduced first; these are typically stocked between the months of (October - April). Largemouth bass fingerlings are stocked in the summer, following the introduction of the forage.

Prior to stocking a new pond, you should be certain that any standing water is free of undesirable "wild" fish. In some cases, a fish toxicant, called rotenone, must be applied.

Generally, ponds which are roughly 25 percent full are suitable for stocking.

Supplemental Forage Stocking

Maintaining the proper balance of predators and prey is vitally important to sustain quality fishing. Doing so typically involves the selective harvest of surplus bass. However, harvesting bass at the recommended rate of 30 to 35 pounds per acre, per year, can be quite difficult in lakes larger than 2 or 3 acres.

When the annual bass harvest falls short of the recommended quota, stocking supplemental forage becomes extremely important in maintaining an adequate forage base to ensure the bass in your pond grow fast and fat.

We offer a variety of forage species including threadfin and gizzard shad, golden shiners, tilapia, trout, bluegill, and crawfish. Keep in mind that not all forage species are created equal, and that some species perform better than others depending upon the condition of the pond.

Contact one of our offices to have a fisheries biologists help you determine the proper species and stocking rates that will allow your bass to reach their full growth potential.

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Stocking fingerling fish can be tricky. Let us insure that the fish stocked into your pond or lake are robust and healthy. Our fish stocks are the finest in the industry. We stock only pure coppernose bluegill and the finest genetically improved F1 largemouth bass.

  Customized stocking plans for "trophy" fish production

We routinely customize stocking strategies to meet production goals. Interested in trophy bass production? Giant bluegill? Give us a call!

  Turn-key pricing

We will gladly develop a Stocking Proposal, customized to your pond or lake and your management objectives. We will summarize your options in a comprehensive written proposal, including pricing.

  Follow-up is a key component

Let us get you started on the right foot. Typically, forage (fathead minnows, bluegill, shellcracker, etc…) are stocked first, the bass are added later. Turn your project over to us and we will handle everything!