Land/Lake Mapping

Southeastern Pond Management (SPM brings you the most innovative designs of lake and land mapping. Using state of the art Global Positioning Systems (GPS) together with an advanced depth sounder, not only can we map your property, we now have the technology to create more advanced lake maps. This technology allows us to pinpoint humps, stumps, channels, and many other fish attracting features of your lake.
Lake mapping is a widely used tool for marking fishing hotspots in lakes and reservoirs, but when applied to private waters, these maps can be a useful management tool as well. Our lake maps will estimate the exact acreage and volume of your lake, which can assist with many management activities such as fish stocking, aquatic weed control, and sediment accumulation and removal. We offer a variety of different lake map options including contour mapping, 3D mapping, and electronic swim-through technology. The 3D swim-through technology allows you to experience your lake from the eyes of the fish!

Land mapping technology is an extremely useful tool for property managers, hunting clubs, timber management or just recreational enjoyment. We can design several different land maps including contour maps, aerial imagery, and electronic fly through technology. These maps can display features such as property boundaries, green fields, and many more.

We offer maps in all different sizes from 8"x11" up to large scale wall maps. Our biologists will work closely with you in deciding which type and various features are best suited for the design of your new SPM lake or land map. If you are interested in learning more about the Lake and Land Mapping program we offer, please contact us and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.