Weed Control

Multi-faceted approach to controlling nuisance vegetation in your lake or pond

Aquatic weeds can be a real nuisance. While some weeds may provide beneficial fish cover, others interfere with fishing and swimming as well as detract from the beauty of your pond. In addition, weeds utilize water-born nutrients, intended for use by phytotplankton. Our personnel are trained in proper identification of nuisance aquatic weeds.

Once identified, a treatment strategy may be outlined to rid your pond of these noxious pests. This may include the application of herbicide, stocking grass carp, or both. Southeastern Pond Management is licensed and insured to apply herbicides in an aquatic environment.

The SE Pond Guarantee!!

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We put our money where our mouth is. Our 100% Control Guarantee means that we will eliminate all existing vegetation, regardless of the number of applications required. We provide a cost quote, and that is all you pay…whether it takes 2 applications or 10! Bar none, this is the best warranty in the business. Contact us today and let us make your nuisance aquatic weed problems a thing of the past!

Highly trained in aquatic vegetation control

Each of our locations is staffed with highly trained aquatic weed specialists, capable of properly identifying nuisance weeds as well as developing a comprehensive control strategy specific to your needs.

Specialized equipment

Controlling vegetation in an aquatic setting can be tricky. SE Pond has state-of-the-art equipment (airboats, chemical spray boats, pumping systems, etc…) capable of effective and efficient control methods in even the most challenging of situations.

Licensed, insured and bonded

The commercial application of aquatic approved herbicide requires special licensing. Our staff is licensed, insured and bonded to ensure the safe and effective application of aquatic herbicides.