Hybrid Striped Bass



Unlike the F1 largemouth bass, which is a cross between two strains of the same species, the hybrid striped bass is a true hybrid; a cross between two distinctly different but related species.

The hybrid striped bass is created by fertilizing the eggs of a female striped bass (Morone saxatilis) with the sperm of a male white bass (Morone chrysops). The result is a hard-fighting fish that can reach weights in excess of five pounds. They are extremely aggressive and virtually explode on topwater baits. Contrary to popular belief, the hybrid - unlike its maternal parent the saltwater striper - does not require cold water to survive. Hybrid striped bass have a variety of reputations. Some anglers believe they destroy sportfishing on reservoirs; others believe they make it! Some folks love to eat them, while others think they aren't fit to feed the dog.

Your opinion about hybrid striped bass will likely determine whether or not you want them in your pond

Hybrids can be a nice addition to your pond; adding variety to your catch. Additionally, some pond owners have had good success using hybrid stripers to control crappie recruitment in ponds. Our thoughts on hybrid stripers: Why not add a few, especially if your pond has a good threadfin shad population. Hybrids grow better on threadfin shad than on bluegill alone.

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